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No more financial constraints with fake dollars for sale

The United States is one of the most developed countries in the world, with ample opportunities, high-quality education, and access to exceptional public services. This explains why more than 15% of the US population comprises immigrants from various parts of the world. But do you think it is easy to survive here? Not everyone is prosperous enough to cope with living expenses, and most of them resort to using fake US money. There’s no harm in doing so, as long as you get it from reputed dealers. At High Print Tech, we offer counterfeit USD for sale with real value. It allows you to increase your purchasing power overnight without compromising on other things. We recommend using our cash at retail stores, gas stations, or local restaurants. Please stay away from any financial institutions!

What makes our fake American dollars undetectable?

The US dollar is one of the strongest currencies in the world, and you can envision how difficult it can be to replicate. It took years of practice from our end to master the art of forgery. We have equipped ourselves with exceptional talent and the latest machinery to ensure that our fake US dollar can pass undetected through any verification tests. Some of the key points include:

  • Paper quality. We use the typical cotton-linen paper with a firm and crisp texture that feels rough when you run your fingers around it.
  • Federal seal. Anything issued by the federal government of the US has a great seal that depicts the national coat of arms. You will find it on the reverse side of our counterfeit US currency!
  • Security thread. It is embedded vertically on denominations with a value of 5 or higher. The position is different for each of them, and it is visible from both sides of the note.
  • Watermark. In some cases, the watermarks appear to the right of the portrait when held against the light, while denominations ten and higher have watermarks matching the portrait.
  • Microprinting. These small printed words can be seen with the help of a magnifying glass. It contains phrases such as the USA or The United States of America
  • 3D security ribbon. The 100$ note features a ribbon with images of bells, and it is woven into the paper.

We have various denominations of fake US dollars available for our customers. They are printed with fine detailing to make sure minor elements don’t lead to major trouble.  

Buy fake dollar bills without revealing your identity

Anyone would want to protect their privacy when dealing with fake money. At High Print Tech, we are concerned about your confidentiality as much as you do. Our streamlined process allows you to purchase counterfeit USD for sale with complete anonymity. We only need an address for shipping purposes. Your money will be packed discreetly in a vacuum box to disguise anyone carrying it. Rest assured, we purge any information you share with us. You can always get in touch with our team for quick assistance.

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